I have been using this software since 2007 with several of my customers to upload and download tables from online shops to databases in the company. The software has proven to be very stable. The software is still used in these million dollar/euro businesses. As far as I know there is no other product with the same features to copy data between MySQL and MSSQL.

Unfortunately I am not able to do any developing or marketing for this product anymore.

If you are interested to continue development and support for this product please contact me.

Turnover statistics plugin for OsCommerce (freeware)

This plugin creates turnover statistics for OsCommerce v2.2 RC2.

V2.0 NEW on 2009-02-22:

The statistics are generated with HTML and Javascript only, no more Flash!

The statistics are created and updated by calling s new webpage in your adminsite. Statistics are presented in an interactive HTML graphic and in a table.

oscommerce turnover statistics plugin
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The download contains a ZIP-file.
This file must be unzipped in the admin-directory of OsCommerce.
Afterwards the admin directory contains a file called statistics.php.
When this file is called in your browser the statistics for the last 2 years are calculated and displayed. When the file is called again the statistics are updated.

You can add a link from the admin-homepage to statistics.php yourself easily.

This plugin creates 3 new tables in your database: turnover_alldate, turnover_daysum, turnover_period.

This plugin is safe and does not contain any spyware.


Download turnover_statistics_for_oscommerce.zip


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oscommerce turnover statistics plugin
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