I have been using this software since 2007 with several of my customers to upload and download tables from online shops to databases in the company. The software has proven to be very stable. The software is still used in these million dollar/euro businesses. As far as I know there is no other product with the same features to copy data between MySQL and MSSQL.

Unfortunately I am not able to do any developing or marketing for this product anymore.

If you are interested to continue development and support for this product please contact me.

Copy and Synchronize Tables
MySQL & MS SQLServer & MS Access

SyncTables helps you transfer your data:
database synchronize

Current Version: 2.6.4


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... with SyncTables we transfer automatically all our homeopathic remedies to the web-database daily.

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  • Copy data easy and fast from your local PC to your webserver
    SyncTables uploads tables (e.g. updated product tables) from your local database to your webshop.
  • Copy data fast and easy from your webserver to your local PC
    SyncTables downloads tables (e.g. new orders) from your webshop to your local database.
  • Synchronize data
    SyncTables can transfer only the data that changed. This makes your transfer very fast.
  • Work on your local PC with local data
    SyncTables uploads and downloads your data. You can work with local data which is easier and much faster.
  • Connect to internet databases
    SyncTables can connect to databases on your webserver via an http-tunnel.
  • Use foreign characters
    SyncTables uses UTF8 so it transfers any language.
  • NEW: Custom commands
    Add custom commands specific for your database before or after the sync job.
  • for all current Windows versions
    SyncTables runs on Windows 2000 and above, including Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003.
  • Unique
    SyncTables is unique software. There is no other software available with all these benefits. Be ahead of your competitors!
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Architecture Diagram and Flowchart:

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Your use of SyncTables:
  • Transfer products of your webshop easily from your local MS Access to your webshop-database.
  • Transfer orders of your webshop easily from your webshop-database to local MS Access or MS SQLServer. Only the newest orders can be transferred automatically every hour.
  • SyncTables is used successfully by webshops and other internet applications to transfer and synchronize data.